I recently watched a film called Coherence, which I became fascinated by. If you enjoy time travel movies, you might like this. Although it isn’t a time travel movie, it presents some issues you might see in one.  The premise is about eight friends who convene for a dinner party at one of their houses. After a comet passes over, strange things begin to happen, leaving to an unsettling revelation later in the night. This isn’t exactly a film review, but more of a brief analysis, with a geeky diagram.


The film is centered around Emily, and her relationship with her husband Kevin. After a power outage early in the night, the group notices another house down the street with its lights on. Two of the men go to visit the house to use a phone, and return a bit later. It is clear something strange is going on when Emily and three others venture over to the other house. It appears to be exactly like the one they came from. On their way back, they pass what seems to be alternate versions of themselves.

Later in the night comes the revelation that the dark region “between” the two houses is really some kind of hole that leads to alternate realities, which was caused by the comet passing. When you pass through this zone, you exit into different random universe, like some kind of inter-dimensional rift. I decided to make a fancy diagram of how I interpreted the timeline of characters and their realities:


The numbers of the characters represent the different realities they come from. The reason it skips from Mike1 to Mike6 is to differentiate him from the other alternate people.

When the group of four left, they appear to return to where they started, but have actually ended up in a third house. This realization leads to the start of paranoia among the group. After things get out of hand in this particular universe, Emily willfully leaves and passes through the dark zone several times, searching for a reality she likes. Then of course, she finds one where everyone is happy, and attempts to kill her alternate self.

The film presents some interesting ethical dilemmas. Like, what would you do if you encountered yourself? Would you kill it? Also, Emily basically looks for an easy way out of her troubles and does some window shopping for the life she wants. If you could leave your reality for a different one, would you? In the film, Emily permanently leaves her reality. How does this affect the reality and the people in it when she pops out of existence?


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