Darth Vader Mask Build

A while back, in college, I had modeled Darth Vader for a project that ultimately never got finished. I spent a while making it as accurate and faithful as possible. A few months ago, I was thinking of projects to do, and remembered I had this model sitting on my computer. So I decided it might be fun to do build a paper-craft version of it. I documented the build process:


Just like my Baymax project, the original helmet was modeled in Blender, then made low res, and sent to Pepakura.


I originally intended to use cardboard, but I realized it was too thick, and had too much of a bias along the corrugation, making it difficult to bend. I switched to a thinner mat board. It’s much easier to bend across the grain, and allowed for finer detail. Also, it comes in black, which lends to the final look.

Something I didn’t anticipate was the poor strength of the boards layers. I ended up having to re-glue a lot of areas to re-enforce the attachment.

For the the side tubes, I rolled up black art paper. The metal knobs on the front are….thumbtacks…

I lucked out with the mouthpiece grates, though I had to sacrifice a portion of my ironing board, which was made of the perfectly sized metal grating. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for art…


I got a bit lazy with the eyes. I had a paper covered plastic ornament, which was just about the right size for the eyepiece. Of course, you can’t see through them, though, it was never really an intention that this would necessarily be wearable. Even though it was already black, I painted it with a coat of “glossy” acrylic, to make it shine, and cover up ugly seams.


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